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Beyond Today's Technology
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Bio Electrolyte

Low pH, high-foaming cleaner for dissolving water scale, lime, mud, rust, and other water formed deposits. Fortified with wetting agents and penetrants to work fast without causing corrosion. Great for cleaning and descaling heat exchangers and cooling tower fill. Removes hardness, scale, plaster, casting, and deposits from drain lines. General-purpose descaling and cleaning for concrete, tile, grout, fibreglass, fabric, copper, rubber, fibre, vinyl, plastic steel, titanium, iron, brick, porcelain, ceramic and glass.

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    • Safe and easy to handle, non-fuming
    • Environmentally-friendly, biodegradable
    • Non-flammable and non-corrosive to most metals
    • Apply neat for tough jobs or up to 1:10 for light-duty jobs
    • 1 gallon will dissolve up to 2 pounds of calcium carbonate scale
    • Bioelectrolyte can be used for foam cleaning
    • Its removes mineral deposits
    • Restore flow caused by build-ups of scale, plaster, hardness and casting deposits
    • Works on all general surface like glass, concrete, brick, plastic, wood and most painted surfaces