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Beyond Today's Technology
Toll Free Number : 1800 202 0051

Beyond Today's Technology

Ecotreat 448

ECOTREAT 448 is a concentrate that is ideal for use on heavily soiled carpets and fabrics. It produces high foam that gently cleans the surface of the
fibers without oversetting This product was designed to get rid of all types of stains and general dirt from carpets, rugs, upholstery, sofas, chairs, curtains, etc. It contains a pleasant perfume. It will break dirt instantly and it will deodorize in one go. ECOTREAT 448 Carpet Cleaning can be used for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs. It will clean with ease and it will leave no residue when dry. No antifoam products are required because this carpet-cleaning shampoo will generate foam. It can be used with all types of hot or cold extraction systems.

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    • Removes soapy build-up, emulsifies grease and oil, and no alkaline build-up.
    • Will not strip wax, non-yellowing
    • Low foaming and safe for use in floor scrubbers.
    • Economical - High Use Dilution
    • No rinsing required / Concentrated formula
    • Floor Cleaner concentrate is safe on all flooring surfaces.
    • Dries flim-free leaving no alkaline build up or soapy residue.
    • Designed for dilution with cold water to save the energy and expense required to heat water
    • Leaves room with fresh clean scent / Works on all types of soiling conditions
    • Effective under hard water conditions / Excellent for floor
    • care maintenanc