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ET 103

ET 103 is a unique formulation of synthetic base fluid which has excellent adhesion power and fortified with extreme pressure and friction-reducing additives. ET 103 reaches the innermost area and forms a highly stable film on the surface for providing effective lubrication under severe load and extreme pressure. ET 103 is designed to perform under adverse conditions of high temperature, chemical attack, both hot and cold water environment. its special adhesion properties ensure that it holds on the surface during operation and does not throw off or drop to ensure effective lubrication

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    • Penetrates well
    • Minimizes wear & extends chain life
    • Excellent corrosion protection against water, hot & cold weather and saline environment
    • Environment-friendly, content Non CFC propellant
    • Industrial chain operating under a harsh condition like severe exposure to moisture, water, steam
    • Dust & dirt environment
    • Can be applied for lubrication on break/clutch levers
    • Wire rope
    • Gear drives, bearing