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ET 104

ET 104 is a unique wax-based rust protector formulated for long term protection for all metal surface. The firm wax film can provide corrosion protection to metal surfaces both indoor and Outdoor condition for up to 2 years. It has a very high resistance to high resistant to humidity, salt spray and chemical fumes by forming a protective coating against potential corrosion catalyst. ET 104 is safe on all metals, rubbers, plastics & painted surface and is ideal for long term protection for the components during storage or shipments.

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    • Completely seals out moisture
    • High resistant to humidity and salt spray, easy in removal
    • Provides long term corrosion protection
    • Non-CFC propellant
    • Long term protection up to 2 years for both indoor and outdoor storage
    • Protection of metal surface during transit
    • Storage and prior to assembling of components
    • Suitable for cranks, engine assemblies
    • Bearings, gears, valves, spindles, chains & hoists, wire ropes, steel cables
    • ┬áDies & moulds, lathes, mechanical instruments, precision components, parts in shipment
    • Automotive components