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ET 111

ET 111 is designed for insulating & protecting electrical windings and equipment by sealing out water & moisture. A fast air-drying varnish which forms a hard flexible protective coating with exceptional film adhesion capacity on the metal surfaces. ET111 is highly resistant to chemical attacks, oxidation, corrosion, oils and will not pick up dust & dirt. It has very high temperature withstanding capacity up to 180°C and has been classified as class H insulation material with the excellent antitracking property.

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    • Hard durable flexible coating
    • Class H insulating varnish
    • Fast air drying and completely seals out moisture
    • Ultra-high dielectric strength
    • Protects LT insluators
    • Insulate and seal out moisture from motor windings, bus bar, commentator, stator coils, electrical windings.
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Generators
    • Transformers
    • Strengthen & repair worn out and damaged insulations
    • Prevent short-circuiting & flashover in bus bars, cable termination, joints & connections