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ET 116

ET 116 is an extreme pressure heavy-duty liquid grease fortified with MoS2 solid Lubricant. It has a very high capacity of withstanding extreme pressure and continue the wire rope in the adverse condition of loads, temperature and environment. ET 116 rapidly penetrates the wire rope strands and gives a thin lubricating film both inside and outside of the wire rope which provides both lubrication and protection against corrosion. The MoS2 solid lubricant helps in preventing wear among the strands and extend the life of the wire rope

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    • Excellent resistance to water washout and have very high penetrating capacity
    • ET 116 has very high load carrying capability
    • Reduce wear & friction
    • Does not break down or melt under prolonged used
    • An excellent lubricant cum corrosion protector for all kinds of metal wire rope
    • Pulleys, chain, hinges, conveyors hoist
    • Forklifts and other material handling equipments
    • Reduces the friction between the strands when the ropes in use
    • Protect the surface of the strand from corrosion and rust
    • Increase the reliability & life of the wire rope