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ET 144

ET 144 is a clear and transparent dry coating designed for printed circuit board and other electronic & instrument components for protection against corrosion, moisture, dust, dirt, steam, chemical attack & contaminants. Improves the performance & working reliability of the printed circuit board. Provides the mechanical environmental protection, prevents short-circuiting, corrosion of conductors and solder joints.

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    • Cured at room temperature
    • Extend working life of equipment
    • Improves the reliability of the equipments
    • Fast, drying and easy to apply, moisture & chemicals resistant
    • Easy removal whenever is required
    • Film conductive for solder through repair
    • Meets MIL-I-46058C standard
    • Very high dielectric strength
    • Sigle component air drying conformal coating
    • Designed to protect the PCB from dust, dirt, moisture, corrosion due to chemical exposure
    • Vibration
    • Salt spray
    • Humidity and high temperature related failure