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Beyond Today's Technology
Toll Free Number : 1800 202 0051

Beyond Today's Technology

ET 60

ET 60 is a unique formulation designed for rapid penetration into the rusted bolts, parts and other components and loosen or frozen parts. ET 60 is fast acting, low surface tension, low viscosity & very thin film oil with less weight which penetrates hard to reach area. It has excellent capability of displacing the moisture, grease and oils from the surfaces. Its quick action in penetrating to the minutest crack help in quickly free the rusted parts, threaded bolts, connections and frozen parts without damaging during disassembling. ET 60 is an environmental friendly & safe to use product with 360° spray technology.

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    • Multifunctional usage
    • Safe for all metals, plastic, paints, varnishes and rubbers
    • Very fast penetrating oil & release fluid
    • Much less density then water results in excellent penetrating power
    • Does not contain any chlorinated solvent or ozone dipleting chemical
    • 360° Valve technology anables to spray in all the directions
    • Loosens rust and corrosion buil up after a certain period of installation
    • Low surface tension allows the ET 60 to migrate to tight spaces along threaded fasteners there by reducing the hammering, pounnding or tugging required for nuts and bolts
    • ET 60 has excellent cleaning properties with short term corrosion protection
    • Rapidly travels to minutest crack & penetrates to free rusted parts