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Beyond Today's Technology
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Beyond Today's Technology


Mincryl X50 has been designed for dust control, stockpile sealing and soil retention. Mincryl X50 is a proprietary formulation dust suppressant which provides excellent penetration and bonding to control the dust, prevent erosion & enhance appearance in traffic areas. Mincryl X50 forms moisture-permeable membrane to reduce vapour loss & the moisture gain in coal thereby reducing the chances of spontaneous combustion and loss of calorific value due to excessive water spray.

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    • Reduces fugitive dust emission by 95%
    • Reduces vapour loss & moisture gain in coal
    • Reduces water consumption by 90% used for dust control
    • Retain the original calorific value of the coal which was lost due to moisture gain
    • Reduces spontaneous combustion & explosion Meets the regulatory requirement of the pollution control board
    • Reduce haul road maintenance and vehicle
    • Gravel Stockpiles
    • Ash Pond Sealant
    • Land_ll Covers
    • Pond Slopes Sealant
    • Construction Sites
    • Hydroseeding
    • Port Facilities
    • Ore Stockpiles
    • Coal Stockpiles