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Beyond Today's Technology
Toll Free Number : 1800 202 0051

Beyond Today's Technology


RYDLYME is the perfect tool for dissolving deposits that rob efficiency and dramatically increase your fuel consumption. An annual RYDLYME cleaning will dissolve the calcium, magnesium, rust, and other deposits into solution without harming the metallurgy or components within your boiler. RYDLYME is non-hazardous to the personnel who perform the cleaning and disposal is simple upon completion of the cleaning; as RYDLYME is biodegradable.

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    • Safe for use by human, on equipment & environment. Can be handled with bare hands without causing any injury.
    • Bio-degradable & safe to dispose directly into normal sewers.
    • Approved by US navy and other countless industries for various applications
    • Cleans places without added cost of disassembly & removal
    • Does not require neutralization & passivation after cleaning
    • Completely biodegradable; eliminates additional disposal cost and/or Hazmat procedure
    • Does not require heat or elevated temperature during application
    • RYDLIME is OEM approved by Trane, Atlascopco, Ingersoll Rand, Alfa Laval, Husky, US Navy, US Air Force, NSF certified
    • RYDLYME is a proprietary aqueous organic salt solution fortified with wetting, penetrating & buffers.
    • RYDLIME is highly effective and can dissolve 1Kg of deposits per 3.8 L
    • Highly concentrated formulation which can be diluted during application
    • RYDLIME very effectively cleans, VAM, Coolers, Radiators, Evaporators, Plate type heat exchangers