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Beyond Today's Technology
Toll Free Number : 1800 202 0051

Beyond Today's Technology


Dust collection systems are a vital safety component to a wide variety of allied processes, including welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastics

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    • Low pressure, high flow rate. 600-700 CFM (1020-1190 mĀ³/h)
    • Filter cartridge pulse cleaning by compressed air (manual or with automatic timer) with a 10L compressed air tank
    • Filter cartridge made of the conductive aluminized spun-bond material. Optional HemipleatĀ® cartridge available
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel SAE 304 construction
    • Heavy duty wheels and swivel castors. 2 wheels are static conductive and equipped with brakes
    • Handles for ease of movement
    • Easy access to filters
    • Low center of gravity to prevent tipping
    • Ideal for Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops
    • Portable dust collection systems are suitable for most types of dust and air contaminants ranging from large amounts of coarse dust and chips to medium amounts of mixed dust with large shavings or even lighter amounts of fine dust.
    • For any portable or stationary applications
    • For applications where smaller quantities of dust are produced like Buffing/Sanding/Grinding/Welding/Powder mixing.
    • Best for Manufacturing plant, Machinery repair plants, LAB and Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Printing & AD processing, Food & beverage factory, 3d Printing machines, ammunition and metallurgy industries.