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The PSM-500 Tube Cleaner Drill is designed for quick, cleaning of straight, small diameter tubes. These generally include small heat exchangers, lube oil coolers. Compact and easy to use

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    • Simple to operate - minimal training required
    • Independent air motor and water flow controls - reduces water consumption
    • Push button triggers - reduces fatigue
    • Rugged construction - long life
    • Compact - easy handling
    • CE certified
    • Motor Power: Up to 2/3 HP (0.5 kW) depending on air pressure and volume
    • Drill Speed: 950 rpm (free speed)
    • Air Requirements: Minimum 50 PSI at 10.6 CFM (3.5 BAR at 0.3 m3/min), Maximum 90 PSI at 19 CFM (6.2 BAR at 0.53 m3/min)
    • Water Requirements: Minimum 30 PSI (2.1 BAR), Maximum 100 PSI (7 BAR)
    • Designed for cleaning the foreign materials like dust, dirt, debris, metal powder etc present inside the house or tubes
    • These foreign materials may severely damage the hydraulic seals, piston and cylinder surface
    • Cleaning of heat exchanger tubes, aviation tubes and other precision applications where zero tolerance for foreign material presence are required